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goodbye, norma jeane.

As some of you already know, my Mazda died suddenly, though not unexpectedly, Tuesday the 12th. It had a whole spectrum of things wrong with it, but official cause of death was low pressure in the fuel pump. After eight long days of being at my mother's mercy for rides to and from work, I reached the next hallmark of adulthood by buying a newer, sexier car.

Still, I'm gonna miss my little heap of garbage on wheels, which I dubbed Norma Jeane for her champagne-colored paint job.

I bought her outright at age 18 from the owner of a scrapyard who had initially purchased her for his wife, but she didn't like the color. When you're that young, you're so proud just to have a car that it doesn't occur to you to be self-conscious about how old or busted-up it looks. (I remember all of my friends drove used, slightly battered cars that had a lot of character back then.)

Norma Jeane was present for all of my giddy highs and sobbing lows. But my fondest memory will always be driving from Augusta State, which I briefly attended in 2005, back home to Savannah for weekend visits. Those were the first long distance trips I'd taken by myself, and they were blissful. Lengthy stretches of road hemmed by wildflowers, charming little country towns with a single thoroughfare, very busy intersections, the corniest mixed CD imaginable, and Norma Jeane with me through it all.

Eleven years later, she finally gave out on me. Not with a bang or a whimper, but with a chassis-shaking putter. Honestly, I don't like to think about where she's logically headed next. I just hope there are wildflowers along the way.
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;_;7 rip in peace norma jeane. may she cruise through greener pastures.
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She's up in car heaven. It looks like a commercial, winding roads through green valleys and all the gas she can guzzle.
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god what is it with us

i feel like everyone who's bought a car recently has upgraded from a coupe or a sedan to something bigger. is it age???


i'm impressed you went with red doe. ballsy.
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... i drive an SUV... ;_;
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I SEE HOW IT IS....................