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&renae; ([personal profile] girlgangs) wrote2016-02-11 09:12 am

fathers, be good to your daughters: pt. i

My dad phoned me last night to tell me that he's having surgery on the ulnar nerve in his left arm a week from tomorrow. He's been experiencing numbness in his pinkie and ring finger, and could lose the use of his left hand altogether if he doesn't get it sorted out; and he also told me in his direct, matter-of-fact way that he could pass on the operating table.

Some people might get indignant on my behalf, or assume my dad is being dramatic, but he's worked in hospitals for years and, in his own words, he's "seen it happen time and time again."

The truth is, I appreciate his honesty, even if it's a very scary thought. My dad and I have grown closer over the last ten years than I ever believed was possible, and I feel like he's trying to do one of the many things he should have done when I was a kid: prepare me in case things go awry.

I promised him I'd call next Thursday evening, before his surgery the following afternoon. I told him I loved him. I'll tell him again.

Irony of ironies, the episode of Skins I watched immediately after we hung up featured a character's father dying out of the blue.